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Searcking for CDs [20 Dec 2006|01:36am]

Okay, this is a bit random.
Here in Argentina no matter how hard you look for it there are no The Network’s CD (all those idiots following Green Day instead :p)
But really, I’ve been looking for it since I knew it existed (meaning a good few years) and the only think I got was funny looks and even a “Network? Doesn’t that belong to the Computer department?”
So, there’s any goo kind soul around here that can upload them or pass me a link to download? (something I’ve never found either. Meaning I only count with bad version of some songs)
Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this ;)
Lots of love.
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I've been chatting with John Roecker(Svengali)! [14 Jul 2006|10:54am]

[ mood | cold ]

Details here, Seriously.Collapse )

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I hope this is allowed >>;; [07 Jul 2006|07:00pm]

Hey, you.

Yeah, you.

I'm planning making a fanmix for Dr. Svengali, and I'm in search of songs to use. If there are any songs you can think of that particularly remind you of Svengali, please comment with them here. Just titles will do, but if you want to upload the song and/or link to the lyrics, by all means go ahead!

What I have so farCollapse )

Thanks much.

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Joe Robot drum tabs [04 Jul 2006|10:18am]

[ mood | cranky ]

Well, this is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone know where I can get hold of some Network drum tabs? Specifically, for Joe Robot? I've already looked on 911tabs.com but they only have guitar and bass tabs for The Network... I'd really appreciate any help anyone could give me.

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[04 Jun 2006|12:12pm]

[ mood | bored ]

omgwhat? someone posting here?

Well, I was feeling -definate- Netverky withdrawls (grated, when am I not?), so I was browsing about some pictures, and I came across this one, and just like -every- time I see this picture-

I got to wondering...Collapse )

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[10 Mar 2006|09:40pm]

Does anyone have "Teenagers From Mars" and/or "Hammer of the Gods" up for download? I had them before but my computer crashed, and I only have the album without those songs.

Thanks in advance.
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[03 Mar 2006|07:06pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I got bored in ICT and was randomly Googling stuff when I typed in "the network + the snoo" and came up with these two articles, which I thought were quite interesting. You've probably all seen them before, but I thought I'd post the links anyway, just for the hell of it:

Encyclopedia entry for The Network

Interview with The Snoo

That second one is my personal favourite, since it includes some biographical information on Balducci you can't get on The Network's website, and some amusing stuff about Z and Captain Underpants being 'life partners' (you can take the girl out of the slash communities...).

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy ^_^

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Um..Hi [01 Mar 2006|06:03am]

[ mood | shy ]

I'm new. Been mainly community stalker for a while..and um... decided to join finally.

I'm Edge and you may know me as the person who is trying to get the pants off of that Bassist Micky Dirt @
pantsmikedirnt. He's nothing like Van Gough. XD

Um...what can I share.


How about who I was for HalloweenCollapse )

Um.....I'll make some icons and post here soon.

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[28 Feb 2006|12:10am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Hey I'm new here. *waves* I just found this site and I wanted to join 'cause I LOVE The Network. Actually I just ordered 'Disease is Punishment' today.

My name is Lindsey but I usually spell it Lindze on my journal and when I comment.

............... Oh and I fucking hate that Billy Jean Armstrong! (lol)

Here is a crappy wallpaper that I made.


"If the future is the 1980's, then so be it!"

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[21 Feb 2006|09:53pm]


I posted some Disease is Punishment screencaps at my journal. Nineteen, and they're like.. all from Transistors Gone Wild. :[

More to come, and stuff.
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666 [20 Feb 2006|06:01am]

Avatars. Mainly of Z or Van Gough.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

poor young maiden for the thill on your toung of stolen sweets...Collapse )
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Question... [16 Feb 2006|10:45pm]

[ mood | cheese ]

Okay. You know Jason White's Network persona the unofficial 6th member of 'The Network' who has the white/red/black mask with the diamond on the forehead..no..not the Snoo. The other one. Hmm. Oh wait. I have a better way of doing this.

You see the picture in the post below mine?? See the guy standing below Van Gough??

...his name is Balducci...right??

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[25 Jan 2006|10:26am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Always fun, sharing pictures, you know?

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[22 Jan 2006|09:27am]

Im doing a web design class, and for our final project, we get to do make a website about something of our choice. My choice was, of course, The Network! But, saddeningly, I have very little about them. So I was wondering if anyone on here might be able to help me out! Any pictures, clips from Disease is Punishment, ANYTHING, will help me out a great deal. And will possibly end up with me having your babies. Thanks!
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[16 Jan 2006|09:12pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

*waves* New here.

I'm sure you've all seen these pics. But damned if there's no harm in looking again.

Beware, they are HUGE. NOT DIAL UP FRIENDLY. But SO. WORTH. IT. Even if you HAVE seen them before.Collapse )

*shrug* I know *I* can't get enough of them.

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[02 Jan 2006|03:19pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I put some slash on here ages ago and just after reading it, i was really embarassed by the poor quality and stupid mistakes. So i redid it, hope you don't mind.

Fink pokes me in my sleepCollapse )

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Blechh.... [30 Dec 2005|05:22am]

[ mood | awake ]

Well... they're not too stunning but here's 3 new avatars. (made from adding to that image from the message boards)

She don't want a baby that looks like that. I Don't want a baby that looks like that.Collapse )

There does not seem to be much going on so... I wanted to do something... >.>

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Videos [23 Dec 2005|03:37pm]

Sorry if I'm posting too much here, but this is my last one for the day. I promise :)

Joe Robot

Supermodel Robots
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More from me. [23 Dec 2005|02:38pm]

Joe Robot screen capsCollapse )
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Standalone [22 Dec 2005|04:16pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm making a Fink/Billie standalone, won't be finished for a while because my computer is busted(I'm using my nan's), but would it be okay to post it when it is finished?

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