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I got bored in ICT and was randomly Googling stuff when I typed in "the network + the snoo" and came up with these two articles, which I thought were quite interesting. You've probably all seen them before, but I thought I'd post the links anyway, just for the hell of it:

Encyclopedia entry for The Network

Interview with The Snoo

That second one is my personal favourite, since it includes some biographical information on Balducci you can't get on The Network's website, and some amusing stuff about Z and Captain Underpants being 'life partners' (you can take the girl out of the slash communities...).

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy ^_^

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Thanks for sharing these articles!
You're welcome ^_^
I've seen the first one, of course, because I am a wikipedia FIEND, but the second one is new too me!

And considering that Snoo is my favourite ^^

Thank you muchly for sharing these XD
Cool - Snoo is my favourite, too ^_^

*uses matching icon like the geek I am* XP

Deleted comment

Glad I could make you smile, especially while you're at work :)
haha nice...
I love your icon :D
Too cool. Thanks for the links.
You're welcome :)
The wikiepdedia page pisses me off because Jason White IS a member of the Network;he's Balducci and they don't mention Chris Dugan. I'm planing on re-writing it.

I love the interview though:

"Captain Underpants was Z’s ‘life partner.’"
The wikiepdedia page pisses me off because Jason White IS a member of the Network;he's Balducci and they don't mention Chris Dugan - That annoyed me, too, when I first read it. I'm a big fan of Jason/Balducci, and it's not exactly fair to ignore Chris Dugan just 'cause he's not as well known as the other Network guys. Yet another reason why the Snoo interview was my favourite of the two. [/end rant]

Heehee... I'm proud to have been a Z/CU 'shipper long before I read that article. Seems I'm more perceptive than I'm given credit for XD
oh heck yes on the Z/CU ship. I mean..come on...excuslively uses CU's keyboards? Totally going out.

I'm actually planing to re-write the wikipedia article. *hugs Chris* The person writing it had no understanding of the group..I think it was the same person who re-wrote the Mike one. *I don't know even go to that one anymore. As a Mike and Green Day fan, it makes me cry*
I think I 'ship all the members of the Network except Svengali (who may or may not count as part of the Network, anyway, I guess; depeding on who you ask)... I find it so impossible to imagine Network het, and they almost always seem to pair off the same (Fink/Snoo, Van Gough/Balducci and Z/CU) during photoshoots or whatever. And the keyboard thing is a dream come true for an over-analyser like me XP

I support you on re-writing that Wikipedia entry - give Chris and Jason the credit they deserve, man. What happened to the Mike article, anyway?
I don't know..but this person came on and just spatted infromantion without putting citied sources that were wrong.

As for the photoshoots..I find it the oddest thing that Van is more around Z and CU and Snoo are trying to wrestle the fuck out of each other..while Fink is no were in site. Hmm. Heck..even when preforming.. mm..mic sharing.

I'm working on it as well as other stuff (like web comics >>) but that's on top prioity. At least they listed Reto Peter.
I think that maybe Van Gough, Balducci and Z have a three-way type thing going on. Y'know, just while CU and the Snoo are trying to work out if they're wrestling in a homoerotic way or just trying to beat the living shit out of each other. And as for Fink... where DOES he go? Hmmm... I can only imagine Fink as being a jealous little fucker, unfortunately, so maybe he's just pissed that CU's getting more of Snoo's attention than he is XP

Do you do those web comics on comingclean? I NEVER have time to comment on them, but they're really something else - I even saved the Netvork one to my computer, it made me laugh so much ;D

If you need any help with the Wikipedia thing, you know where to find me. Hell, even if you don't... just give me a shout when you're done, I'd really like to see the version you're working on ^_^
Yes. Those are mine and thank you for the comment. :)
Can I friend you?
Of course! Thought you'd never ask ;D