Atreyu Eliot Star (oneandonlytrey) wrote in moneymoney2020,
Atreyu Eliot Star

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Always fun, sharing pictures, you know?

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Oooh...I don't think I've ever seen that pic before. Thanks for sharing. :)
Wow. Does he have purple lipstick on.. Mmm.
oh i think you know.

Awesome, I'd never seen that one before. Gotta love the Snoo's lipstick/eye make-up/facial expression. Thanks for sharing ^_^
yes it is pretty stranger, oh and i have a gift pour le stranger:

Why thank you, stranger ^_^

That av is awesome... when I get my paid account I'm definitely using that one. Cheers again, babe.
that is ok, stranger, that i have never met before.
Wow, The Snoo's got some purple goin on.
Rofl, I love Tré's face...I mean...
YAY!!! I <333 the picture. Thanks. =D
There's not many good quality pictures of The Network...

the snoo is totally rocking that early 90's jogging jacket

very nice
mmmm smexy
That's amazing, thanks for posting!
eeep!! Thats my favorite pic of the Network (mainlythesnoo) EVER.